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HSE Management

Business Coexisting with the Environment

We are designing our facilities to be both accident-free and eco-friendly,
following strict corporate standards and prevention systems.

Environment · Safety · Health

eco YHES

Meaning of ECO YHES Emblem

ECO-YHES is the unique value of Hanwha Corporation's management, which aims to achieve sustainable development and
social responsibility by incorporating a combination of HES (Health, Environment and Safety) and YES (positive word) into the form of a forest (environmental symbol).

Background of ECO YHES

The focus of ECO-2000, an environmental conservation movement that has been
in effect since 1991, was adapted to the environmental preservation movement. However, ECO-YHES is a 21st-century company strategy that extends to the safety (health, hygiene) sector.

In the 21st century, social interest in not only the environment but also energy, safety, health and hygiene is growing. Furthermore, environment, energy, safety, health, and hygiene are evaluated to be an important factor of corporate value.

Meaning of ECO YHES

We continue to use 'ECO' for the succession of ECO-2000. In addition, it is pronounced 'eco-yes' by adding Y, forming a sound that matches the meaning of 'YES' in English, which has a positive meaning, to HES, which symbolizes health, environment, and safety.

Health, environment and safety have equal priorities and indicate the company`s commitment.

Environmental Safety Management System

Environment ·
Safety · Health Management System

All the plants of Hanwha Solutions Advanced Materials Division have obtained environmental management system and safety and health management system certification. We have been carrying out environmental conservation activities for the local community and environmental improvement activities at its workplaces. We are also working to prevent safety accidents for employees.

Safety Work
Permit System

We are preventing accidents through work permit system regarding all constructions or works that pose a risk of environmental pollution or safety accidents by having them reviewed and approved by the person in charge in advance.

Safety Inspection

In addition to frequent inspections carried out at the workplace, environmental safety experts of the company conduct inspections once a year and make improvements to the missing inspections that were found. In addition, large-scale construction and projects are always reviewed by environmental safety experts to ensure that environmental safety-related problems do not occur.


Considering all possible situations, we have a response system in case of pollutant discharge and fire accident. The Sejong plant has a chemical fire engine that conducts regular firefighting drills to prepare and understand scenarios for anticipated emergencies.

Environmental Conservation Activities

1 Company 1 River Campaign

In conjunction with local environmental groups, we continue to clean up the surrounding rivers.
We are participating in the movement to create cleaner rivers by throwing mudballs made of microorganisms that purify water quality, removing harmful plants, etc.

Ecological Experience Activity

We support elementary school students near our plants with nature ecology activities to help them remember the preciousness of nature and to preserve the natural ecosystem.

Clean-up Day Event

We are creating clean workplaces through periodic cleaning activities both inside and outside the worksite, cleaning roads inside and outside the workplace, removing leaves and foreign matter
in manholes, removing weeds from roadside and cleaning leaves.

  • Environment/Safety/Health Policy
  • Environment and Safety Guidelines

Environment/Safety/Health Policy

Hanwha Solutions Advanced Materials Division recognizes the value of corporate management of the environment, safety and in order to achieve sustainable corporate development and fulfill its social responsibilities, as revealed in the following:

  1. 1 We put our best effort in delivering our products and services to satisfy our customers' expectations and demands while providing safe and environment-friendly products and services.
  2. 2 We ensure the safety and health of our employees and the general society by preventing human injury and property damage at all stages, from product development, manufacturing, sales to service delivery.
  3. 3 We establish and operate an environmental management system in order to preserve the environment and create a positive working environment, and conduct pollution prevention and continuous improvement activities at all stages of corporate management.
  4. 4 We are committed to efficiently utilizing and reducing resources and energy with a central control process throughout the entire course of our operations.

Environment and Safety Guidelines

Compliance with Legal Standards

In addition to fully complying with the relevant local and national government laws and the environment, health and safety regulations, we have established and adhered to stricter in-house standards that support proactive efforts in corporate social responsibility by complying with the various international regulations.

Establishment of a Line Liability System

We strictly follow environment, health and safety regulations. The primary responsibility lies with the individual, and the management responsibility lies with line management. Thus, the specific roles and responsibilities within the organization and its operating systems must be directly reflected in the performance of the organization and individual and measured with objective evaluation standards.

Establishment of an Emergency Response System

We have established clearly defined procedures clearly in preparation for possible emergencies and environment, health and safety related accidents. Through continuous and regular emergency drills, we minimize the impact of emergencies, and we actively cooperate with local communities to create a positive and safe community.

Establishment of an Environment Management System

Moving away from straightforward solutions such as simple financial duties and regulatory responses regarding environmental protection, we have established an environment management system that takes into account the environmental aspects of corporate management by establishing and implementing systematic and effective audit procedures.

Production of Environment-Friendly Products and Service

We review in advance the environmental impact of all business activities, including development, design, purchasing, production, sales, use, and disposal, in order to provide environment-friendly products and services that considers its environmental impact and countermeasures to protect the environment.

Global Environment Preservation and Pollution Prevention

We minimize the emission of environmental pollutants through reduction and effective treatment of pollutants generated for the entire duration of our operations.

Resource and Energy Source Management

We evaluate the appropriateness of all the material resources that are potentially used in our operations and strive to save energy efficiently through recollecting, reusing, and recycling.

Accident and Loss Prevention

Fatalities and property loss must be reported regardless of size, and the analysis of cause and preventative measures must be implemented. We thoroughly manage and prevent, in advance, the potential risks of serious accidents.

Reinforcement of Preventive Safety Measures

All risk factors in the workplace must be identified and assessed through regular inspections and related prior training, and efforts must be made to eliminate human and material damage by eliminating the risk factors or reinforcing safety facilities.

Supplier(Contractors) Safety Level

We maintain a mutually supportive relationship with our contractors and suppliers for the improvement of safety to our standard by providing our safety management system through guidance and support. For this, we establish a safety management system for suppliers and contractors that can be operated appropriately and effectively according to the type of industry and scale.

Ensuring the Safety of Products and Services

We establish a system that can secure the safety and health of our customers and local communities that use our products and services, and strive to improve safety with continuous research and development.

Maintaining a Positive Work Environment

We implement continuous improvement and systematic health management for workers in order to create a healthy and efficient working environment.

Prevention of Occupational Diseases

A practical management system must be established to prevent work-related diseases from occurring, and employees must actively participate. In case of occupational accidents or diseases, the work of the employee must be adjusted and coordinated reasonably.

Enforcement of a Health Promotion Program

A systematic program that includes pre- and post-management must be delivered for the promotion of employee health and for the prevention of the workforce turnover.