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Automotive Materials


Interior Material, PMC (Powder Slush Molding Compound)

IntermLite is the brand name of PMC and internal materials of Hanwha Solutions Advanced Materials Division.

Product Info.

  • Excellent Design Eco-friendly
  • Auto Interior Material Global
  • Domestic PSM Market M/S

IntermLite is the brand name of PMC products and interior materials of Hanwha Solutions Advanced Materials Division.
Interior materials are mainly used as automobile interior materials, and manufacturing processes of interior materials can be divided into three processes: calendar process, surface treatment process and plywood process. In the calendaring process, the raw material is mixed and melted, the thickness is adjusted, and then cooling and winding are performed. In the surface treatment process, the treating agent is transferred to the surface, followed by drying in hot air to go through a winding process. In the plywood process, the rolled sheet is unwound, heated, and then cooled again to wind. We are also diversifying into high-quality sheet-form materials to satisfy modern requirements for contemporary car designs, and environmentally friendly Thermoplastic Polyolefin and Thermoplastic Polyurethane for intricate designs. PMC stands for Powder Slush Molding Compound. It has excellent moldability and low cost. PMC is a type of leather inside the vehicle, and the material of the powder is made into a skin type product by the rotation of the heated mold. It is mainly used as a skin material for automobile interior materials and has the merit of being able to realize complex shapes and excellent tactile sensitivity compared to other materials.


  • Excellent Durability /
    Light Resistance
  • Excellent Degree of
    Freedom in Design
  • Excellent Price
  • Complex Shapes
    Can Be Realized
  • Excellent Cold


  • Instrument Panel

    Instrument Panel

  • Door Trim

    Door Trim

  • Seat Cover

    Seat Cover

Technical Data

  • Comparision of Physical Properties (Material Type - Leather)download
  • Comparision of Physical Properties (Material Type - Sheet)download

Production Process

Manufacturing Interior Material TPO Sheet

TPO Sheeting(Calender)  > Impregnation > Lamination/Embossing > Inspecting/Packing

Manufacturing PMC TPU

Mixing source materials(TPU + pigment + additives) > Extrusion(TPU Pellet color) > TPU freeze-grinding/heat-drying > TPU PMC


AUTO Interior(IntermLite)