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Core Values

People of Challenge, Dedication, and Integrity.

Hanwha Solutions Advanced Materials Division hire people who embody in their daily course of work
'challenge, dedication, and integrity' as three core values.


Trust means to be trustworthy for anyone under any circumstances.

While internally aroused motivations, such as a sense of reward, pride, and joy, allow people to be more committed to their work and find happiness in life, trust induces delegation of authority and fosters a more liberal culture that encourages creativity. The Hanwha philosophy 「Trust」 does not refer to being trustful only in certain circumstances or keeping promises with selective people, but the value of being a trustworthy person under any circumstances for anybody.


Loyalty is our ties with others, which, once forged, are to be cherished and upheld eternally.

Enterprises serve the fundamental purpose of creating profit. Therefore, it may seem unreasonable for a company to pursue loyalty even if it means to suffer a loss. Nevertheless, being loyal reveals its true worth when the business is in crisis. The Hanwha philosophy 「Loyalty」is to cherish every relationship built and willingly fulfill every duty arising from it—a philosophy to be embodied in our relationship with customers. Once forged, the relationship with our customers need to be treasured as much as we value our own interests. This is what underlies Loyalty, the Hanwha People philosophy.

Hanwha`s core values

Hanwha looks for people living up to Hanwha’s three core values of ‘Challenge, Dedication, and Integrity’
established on the spirit of Trust and Loyalty.

People embracing Challenge
Engage in active self-development towards being the best in your field.
Find opportunities and new ways of doing things through open-mindedness and creativity.
Set challenging goals and work towards achieving them with a can-do spirit.
People demonstrating Dedication
Put 'us' before 'me' and 'our goal' before 'my goal'.
Treasure the promise with customers and continue to create customer value.
Trust in each other’s abilities and collaborate based on strong sense of unity.
People of Integrity
Do not be swayed by immediate gains. Be honest and stick to the principles.
Do not mix business with pleasure. Be impartial and treat others based on their performance and achievements.

Hanwha Solutions Advanced Materials Division
Core Values

Hanwha Solutions Advanced Materials Division pursues future-oriented and innovation-oriented people.

Future-oriented challengers
with expertise and
international capabilities
Responsible with strong
mentality and passion
Expert knowledge and
commitment to work
International Mindset
Performing global business
with understanding and
open mind to foreign culture
Innovative challengers
that drive customer
satisfaction and trust
Innovative thinking that
brings new value
Trust that
attracts customers
Energetic with proactive
attitude and action